Katie supports love, period. It was a pleasure to work with Reverend Katie. My husband and I had a lot of input on our ceremony, our vows, and specific requests because we are not particularly religious. Katie never judged our choices, always had great insight, and thoughtful suggestions to make our ceremony unforgettable and most importantly ours. We had a secular ceremony. For example, we had poems read instead of scripture, both sets of parents walked both the bride and groom to the altar, and Katie successfully interpreted this couple’s inside joke into an amazing, thought-provoking, and personal homily. She flew all the way to Augusta, GA from Boston, MA to perform our ceremony. We never had any issues communicating with her, and we always felt like she was on our side. Katie is a true professional, and you won’t regret hiring her as your officiant. She brought a sense of peace to my hectic event, and she was one of the reasons my wedding was so special.

Isabel O.

Katherine officiated my wife's and my wedding. She was amazingly organized, spiritually thoughtful, and integrated my and my wife's stories -- and some of our friends' -- into her service. Her tone was humorous but still respectful of the ceremony and struck a great balance. I'd feel comfortable having her a part of any wedding, be it traditional or a little more on the unconventional side as ours was.

Sam W.

First up, Katie is absolutely amazing. You should stop reading my review and just hire her. She will make your ceremony PERFECT. But if you want more details here we go. 

Now, I'm not particularly religious, my husband a little more so, but my parents are and definitely wanted the ceremony to be solemn affair. I wanted it to be entertaining, humorous, and personalized to match the spirit of the hubs and me. (Also, I find a lot of wedding stuff kinda sexist and stuff.) Katie was able to balance these needs pitch-perfectly. The ceremony was funny, specific, and personalized, but also spiritual, classy, and meaningful. (She even made every reference to God non-gender-specific! Yay!) Even though our ceremony was plagued with TONS of audio issues due to our horrible DJ, nobody remembers that - everyone just remembers Katie's words. My parents and I were both so happy with how everything turned out. (Quite a feat!)  So yeah, if you want an amazing ceremony tailored to your specific needs, hire Katie. If you want a generic, meh, ceremony go with anyone else. 

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