About Me

I'm no canned officiant. I'm a queer, feminist, cosplay-loving poet. I'm about crafting the coolest wedding you've ever been to - yours - whatever your shape, size, color, gender, quirk, or kink.

My Story

In 2012, my friend Kelly called. "I know you're studying to be a minister. Would you maybe want to officiate our wedding?" Kelly's never set foot inside a church, so she didn't know any ministers. Kris wanted some traditional elements, but they didn't want a canned officiant. And thus my wedding officiating career was born. Since then, I've done it all, from a sciencey, stardust wedding for rocket scientists to a dinosaur-themed wedding at the La Brea Tar Pits. Rawr.

I Do

Look to me for weird weddings, queer weddings, traditional weddings minus the yucky property-transfer elements. I do rainbow weddings, literal or figurative, womanist and feminist weddings, rock and roll weddings, and Halloween weddings. I also do other celebrations: handfastings, celebrations of life, house blessings. If you want a bit of ceremony or spirituality or solemnity without the sanctimoniousness, I'm your lady. 


Contact Me

Reverend Katherine

reverendkatherine (at) gmail (dot) com

             Offbeat Bride 2017 Featured Vendor

             Offbeat Bride 2017 Featured Vendor