What is your fee?

Check the Services/Fees page! As a working bride myself, I charge less than other officiants in the Boston area. That said, my fees are negotiable. I'm a sucker for people who work for social justice and have been known to take partial payment in chocolates.

Why is your fee so inexpensive compared to other officiants?

In business terms, this is social entrepreneurship. In divinity school terms, this is ministry. Helping low-income, queer, offbeat, and otherwise awesome couples make a public declaration of their love with the support of friends and family brings me joy.

Do you do weddings outside of Boston? Does it cost extra?

Yes, I'm happy to travel pretty much anywhere to celebrate your wedding with you. But I'll need you to help me cover the cost, whether that's bus fare, gas for my Prius, or a plane ticket.

We want you to officiate our wedding! What's next?

The first thing I do is schedule an appointment to meet with you both, whether by phone call or in person. We'll talk about you, the wedding you want, and what you'd like from me. I'll ask you some questions and talk you through the answers -- like, what is marriage for, anyway? What do I really want to vow to this person? What do I love most about my spouse-to-be? These questions will help me craft your ceremony, and they also provide an opportunity to reflect on some things that get lost amid "What are your colors?" and "Plated or buffet?"

After that, I sketch out a ceremony. I'll check with you to make sure it's shaping up to what you've envisioned, and provide my input where it's helpful.

I encourage you to have a rehearsal, because in my experience it helps you feel a lot more relaxed at your wedding. I never go through the whole ceremony, just the outline. But I can help you feel comfortable getting where you need to be and making sure you breathe and don't lock your knees and all that good stuff.

Then, you get married! It'll be great.

Do you do bilingual services?

Yes! I write and speak French and Central American Spanish passably. I can sound my way through Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic. And if you'd like an element of your ceremony in some other language, I will try really, really hard to do it right.

Does it have to be religious?

Religion is in the eye of the beholder. We never have to mention any sort of deity; your wedding will nevertheless be sacred, because you are declaring love to another person. That said, if you want it to be religious, let's talk about what that means to you and your partner. If she's Christian and you're atheist, we can make that work. If he's Jewish and you're Muslim, I read both Hebrew and Arabic. If they're Wiccan -- well, I don't know much about that, because it's a mystery. But I'm always happy to learn.

Speaking of which, are you a real Reverend?

Yes, I'm an ordained Christian minister. (I practice with the Disciples of Christ and the United Church of Christ, in case you're wondering.)

What are your views on same-sex/ queer marriage?

I love them. I'm for them. I'm going to have one soon.

Do you stay for the reception?

Only when invited, and that is not an obligation on your part.