Services and Fees

What's the sacred text of your relationship? You want wedding readings from Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, the Bible, vintage movies, Sappho, Star Wars, the Kama Sutra? Whatever is important to you and your spouse-to-be, that's where we will start to craft a meaningful wedding ceremony together.



Elopement - $250


  • Officiating the Ceremony
    You are invited to choose either the Civil Ceremony or the Religious Ceremony

  • Wardrobe
    I will accommodate almost any wardrobe request within reason. If I have to rent a costume, that cost is on you, but ask me - I just might have the outfit you're hoping for.

  • Travel
    Within 30 miles of MetroWest - we can talk about longer distance.

  • Legal
    Timely filing of the marriage license (making it legal!)

Storybook Love - $575

Everything that's included in the Elopement, plus:

  • Creating Your Ceremony
    Research and suggestions about ceremonial elements, readings, vows, and music to fit your family's cultural history, your religious inclinations or disinclinations, and your geekery. (This is the advantage of a celebrant with a master's degree in doing this stuff.)

  • Rituals
    Rituals can include hand-fastings, ring warmings, wine or sand ceremonies, bouquet creation... I'll help you come up with the perfect way to symbolize your vows.

  • Talking You Through It
    Phone consultations regarding ceremony components and protocol, including support with navigating difficult people dynamics surrounding your ceremony.

  • Rehearsal
    Working with your venue coordinator (if you have one), I'll help make sure you, your affianced, and all the participants know where, when, and how.
    See my FAQ for more!
    On a day/night that I am not already booked (in the Boston-Worcester area only; an out-of-area rehearsal is something we can talk about).

  • Memory
    Final keepsake copy of your vows or my address.

Typical ceremony length is 20-25 minutes (though we can do longer or shorter), and I typically spend 25-30 hours crafting each ceremony, from hearing your story to the final I do.